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At Coframe, we believe that openness around at workplace or home creates a transparent and open environment for everyone

Windows and doors are meant to open up and to welcome something to your life. Every time you open one you expect something pleasant and welcome it with a smile. As we know, a window is no longer an object to fill the openings in the wall of the Building Envelope

The unchangable reasons to go with us.
Eco Friendly

Our products are nature-friendly and sustainable and can be categorized as responsible that help us save the nature and environment for our future generations.

Long Life

Durability is the best quality of our products as they are derived from high quality materials using modern technology which makes them tough and durable.

Easy Installation

The entire product portfolio is user-friendly, easy to install and requires very low maintenance

products material

UPVC (where 'U' stands for unplasticized) is one of the most preferred window and door framing material. The material comes in a range of colour, is low maintenance and offers unmatchable benefits.


PVC Products are preferred choice, as they don’t require any painting or annual maintenance charges to keep them looking attractive and safe. They are highly energy efficient and long lasting and protect your building from harsh weather conditions.

We are offering a complete and customizable range of products capable to satisfy every need and demand.

Gorgeously designed UPVC, PVC, and Aluminum windows for your building, extremely capable to perform every possible function assigned to it.


Our wide range of door solutions is perfect to welcome happiness and prosperity to your way. Our products are designed to be chosen and can stay long with your premises.


Not all partitions are hearts breaking; some can bring privacy and comfort to your lifestyle. Just like our products can make your space completely yours.

Customized Solutions

Get what you and your building desire. Our wide range of products can be customized to fulfill all your needs. So just name it, we make it.

Hybrid Products

We also offer customized and combined windows and doors as per the client requirements. On the other hand durability, reliability and performance are the brand promises, which we never fail to deliver


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Ekana International Stadium




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Lucknow University


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Hestia Apartment


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