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The first ever mention of road marking dates back to the Second World War. In order to avoid large scale destruction during night, black outs were enforced. As there would be no source of illumination on the streets, there was a significant rise in the number of accidents happening during the night. Thus, in order to control the rise of accidents, thermoplastic road marking was introduced to ensure safety and guidance on the streets.

Over the years the function of Pavement Markings has increased significantly. They ensure safety on the streets by providing guidance & information to road users. One can regard it as a language to convey rules and regulations to road users. There are various types of road marking which have been discovered in the recent years, namely:

- Thermoplastic Road Marking
- Water Borne Paint
- Cold Applied Plastic/ MMA
- Pavement Marking Tape
- Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Materials

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Markings serve as a psychological barrier, thereby helping to delineate the traffic path and its lateral clearance from traffic hazards facilitating safe movement. Pavement markings are thus indispensable to ensure a smooth & orderly flow of traffic and for promoting road safety.

Longitudinal Marking
Block Marking
Facility Marking
Transerve Marking
Arrow Marking
Hazard Marking
Directional Marking
Longitudinal Marking
Transerve Marking
Hazard Marking
Block Marking
Arrow Marking
Directional Marking
Facility Marking
Our solutions

The first product to be offered by Descon was ‘SUNMARK’. Keeping true to the founding pillars of the company, SUNMARK has been constantly improved to meet with quality standards as demanded by the Indian Road Congress.

The product pipeline consists of water based road and kerb marking solution which shall concrete the company’s position in the field of road marking solutions.

Hot Applied - Thermoplastic Compound

Thermoplastic is a mixture of plasticizers and resins that serve to hold all of the other ingredients together. Sunmark, the premium offering from DESCON SIGN, is complaint with the technical specifications as laid out in Clause 803 of “Specification of roads and Bridge works” published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (Morth).

Coming Soon Cold Applied - Water Based Paint

An environmental friendly technique, water based paints save immense potential in the future road marking. Water-based paints allow for quicker application, thereby allowing streets to be opened to traffic quicker as compared to thermoplastic compounds.

Primer for Concrete Surfaces

An effective solvent-based primer for bonding thermoplastic materials to concrete and worn bituminous surfaces. Its low viscosity facilitates deep penetration into substrates. Sungrip can be applied by spraying or by brush or roller.

Quality Inspection

The assessment of the performance of any pavement marking is a combination of various factors. As per the standards laid out by the Indian Road Congress (as per IRC: 35 - 2015), the most significant factor is the principle of retro-reflectivity.

Retro - Reflectivity

Retro- Reflectivity is accomplished in pavement markings through the use of glass beads partially embedded on the surface of the marking as binder material and also sprayed externally during application. A handheld instrument, Retro Reflectometer, is used to measure the retro-reflectivity on site. The Indian Road Congress has calculated different values of retro-reflectivity for various design speeds & different durations.


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