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Parking is not a right anymore, but a commodity.
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Customised end to end parking solutions which ensure maximum utilization of the available space, thereby downscaling India’s constraining issue to unimaginable limits.

Swiss patented systems help to reach parking system calculations accurate to an inch. Thus, it doesn’t matter if the mirror of the car is folded or not, we are looking out for your best interests.

Product Range

Robotic Shuttle Dolly - Patented Silomat

The Silomat carriage is the synthesis of 50 years of evolution and innovation. It is at the heart of the parking system as it is a device dedicated to the direct movement of automobiles. The Silomat carriage summarises the most technologically advanced product offered today on the automatic car park market.

Vertical Transporter

The Vertical Transporters allow vehicles to be moved vertically to transport them to the various car park levels configured for the car park. Sotefin has developed about ten Vertical Transporters models in order to ensure that our systems are adaptable to any type of building.


Undercarriages are devices designed for the vehicle to be transported horizontally so that it is positioned in front of its designated parking space or to the entrance and exit areas. They can be combined with a Vertical Transporter.

Traversing Tower

Traversing towers combine the Vertical Transporter’s and under carriage’s functionally in one device. It moves the vehicle vertically and horizontally at the same time.

Turning Platforms

Turning platforms allow the vehicle to be turned in the directions of the entrance and exit to facilitate incoming and outgoing operations for the users.

System Range

Automatic Tower Parking

Fully automated comb-type or pallete type tower parking systems could be multiple levels (from 10 to 25 levels) allowing numerous vehicles to be stored in a small floor area (7x7 meter or 8x8 meter). In fact, it can be a stand alone tower or inside the building shaft. Understandably, this is one of the most efficient uses of parking space, providing maximum ECS benefit.

Automatic Pallete Type Parking

A car parking pallete is a flat, movable structure for a car to sit upon as it is transported and parked within a parking system. The car remains on the pallete until it leaves the parking system. Our enterprise has been working hard to gain immense recognition in manufacturing, exporting and supplying array of quality assured pallete slide parking systems.

Puzzle Parking System

The electro-mechanical puzzle parking system can be said to be a combination of pallet and stack systems. In it, the car is first placed onto a platform before being lifted up to appropriate level. You can maximize the parking space available by keeping multiple cars on top of each other.

Stack Parking

With the stack parking system, the parking space can be optimized with minimum cost. After all, it allows to store multiple cars in a single space. As a result, the parking space available can be multiplied by 2 to 4 times which is certainly going to be beneficial for the establishment.


Padma Society, West Mumbai
Padma Society, West Mumbai


Blue Foutune Society, Mumbai
Blue Foutune Society


Robotic Shuttle Dolly, Public Parking
Robotic Shuttle Dolly, Public Parking

SKY VU Society, Mumbai
SKY VU Society


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