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Transform your home into a mobile controlled masterpiece
Service brief

Simplify your living with Eden smart home solutions which lets you control your home at the touch of your fingers from anywhere in the world.

Our fast paced lives call for smart and easy solutions to solve our daily problems. Our home automated solutions allow you to control all your lights, AC’s and daily appliances remotely from your smart phone. Wireless configuration and easy installation transforms your home into a hassle free sanctuary. These smart solutions help to save up on energy, simplify life and are convenient and affordable.


Patent-pending technology

Our technology is made to withstand rough conditions.


Our products undergo a rigorous testing process before they are installed in your homes.

Smart module

The Smart module is small enough to fit behind your existing switchboards, so you don't feel any change in your home.

Retrofit Solution

No need to change existing wiring.

State-of-the-art Hardware

Provisionally patented unique chip design with long life.

Easy No External Hub required

Smart module has an in-built processor,thereby eliminating the need of an external appliance.

Works with existing switch

No need to change the switchboard. Just put the Eden module behind your existing switchboard.

24x7 Customer care support

Contact our technical team anytime and we will be there to solve your problem.

Easy Advanced Servers

Eden operates on highly advanced reliable servers located in United States.

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Powered and partnered with global leaders and industry experts.

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